William Byrd of Westover in Virginia Esq.
William Byrd II of Westover

Monday, April 28, 1712

I rose about 7 o'clock and before I could dress me I learned the President was come. I neglected to say my prayers but ate boiled milk for breakfast. The weather was cold this morning. About 9 o'clock Mr President and I went to Williamsburg in his coach and got there about 10. I did some business at my lodgings and then went to court and sat till 12. Then I went home and my brother and sister Custis passed conveyances to me for part of Colonel Parke's estate and then came and acknowledged them in court. At the same time I made over Skimino Mill to James Bates. We sat in court till about 3 o'clock and then went to dinner and I ate some fowl and bacon but my wife dined at the Governor's. About 6 we went to Council and sat there till 10. Then I went to my lodgings, where I neglected to say my prayers but had good health, good thoughts, and good humor, thank God Almighty.