William Byrd of Westover in Virginia Esq.
William Byrd II of Westover

Friday, November 16, 1711

I rose about 7 o'clock and read two chapters in Hebrew and some Greek in Homer. I said my prayers and ate boiled milk for breakfast. About 9 o'clock I went to the Governor's where I stayed about an hour and then went to the capitol where we read a bill concerning rolling houses the first time. About 11 the Governor came and the President read our address to him with an indifferent grace. About 2 o'clock we dined at Marot's and I ate some fish for dinner. My mouth was sore with the blow I had with the billiard stick. About 4 o'clock Jimmy Burwell and I resolved to go to the wedding at Mr Ingles' and went away in his coach and found all the company ready to go to supper but with ate nothing with them but some custard. After supper we began to dance, first French dances and after country dances till about 11 o'clock and then most of the company went to Williamsburg but I stayed with Jimmy Burwell and Jimmy Roscow and James Bray and got drunk and went home by myself about 12 o'clock. I neglected to say my prayers but had good health, good thoughts, and good humor, thank God Almighty.