William Byrd of Westover in Virginia Esq.
William Byrd II of Westover

Wednesday, September 17, 1712

I rose about 6 o'clock and read a chapter in Hebrew and some Greek in Herodian. I said my prayers and ate boiled milk for breakfast. I danced my dance. The weather was very cold, the wind northwest. My wife was well, thank God, and John was better. I settled some accounts of consequence till dinner and then I ate some boiled beef. Soon after dinner came Mr Catesby from Williamsburg and brought me a letter from Dr Cocke by which I learned that there was a great likelihood of peace and theta we had possession of Dunkirk and that several of Colonel Parke's murderers were taken and some sent to England in irons. We gave him some victuals. Then we took a walk about the plantation. At night we drank some punch and were merry. I neglected to say my prayers but had good health, good thoughts, and good humor, thank God Almighty. I had a little cold.