William Byrd of Westover in Virginia Esq.
William Byrd II of Westover

Friday, January 25, 1712

I rose about 7 o'clock and read a chapter in Hebrew and some Greek in Homer. I said my prayers and put several things in order. I had several people at my chambers with whom I settled some business. We had nothing to do but meet in order to adjourn and the Burgesses did little else unless it was to adhere to their Book of Claims, which put the Governor out of humor with them. The weather was very cold and much snow on the ground, so that I went with boots. About 2 o'clock Colonel Smith and I went to the Governor's to dinner and I ate some cod sounds. I perceived Mrs Russell to be very cold and stiff in her behavior to me. However we were pretty easy. We stayed there till about 7 o'clock and then went to the coffeehouse, where I lost L2 at piquet. About 10 I went to my lodgings where I said my prayers and had good health, good thoughts, and good humor, thank God Almighty.